RotaLube® – the Story

I have been involved in the design and manufacture of specialised chain drive and conveying systems for longer that I care to admit, a constant question following the supply of chain was ‘what is your recommendation for lubricating the chain?’ Well the truth is that anybody involved in chain manufacturing, if they were honest, would shy away from the answer – for obvious reasons. In late 2007 I was driving down the M6, close to the M62 junction, when an idea jumped into my head, a simple yet brilliant method of chain lubrication, it was to become Rotalube®. “No it can’t be that simple” I told myself.

Early 2008 I started to put pencil to paper, later that year I sought advice and the road to today is as follows:

  • 2007 – the inspiration
  • 2008 – design, advice, & IP protection applied for
  • 2009 – concept proven at Lancaster University
  • 2009 – prototyping and testing – WOW, it really works…
  • 2011/12 – UK patent granted
  • 2012 – first major Rotalube installation circa £16k – STILL RUNNING TODAY.
  • 2013 – US patent granted
  • 2013 – licence to sell agreed with Interlube (later Timken)
  • 2014 – Rotalube approved by the largest chocolate manufacturing company in the word and is still today their preferred method of chain lubrication
  • 2015 – an order for the largest single Rotalube installation circa £29k.
  • 2016 – sales throughout the world confirms Rotalube’s position as the best chain lubrication system available.
  • 2016 – new patents granted for improved and innovative design.

To date sales of Rotalube have been to… Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Cwmbran.